Celebrating Science & Technology in Schools


Share the exciting science happening in your classroom using the hashtag #CelebrateSciTech19 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can post anything that showcases the science your students have been doing all year, including:

  • Photos of students doing science
  • Photos of student work
  • Stories about what students are doing
  • Videos of students doing science
  • Lesson plan summaries
  • Photos of students participating in a science read-aloud

Be sure to follow your district’s policy on posting student images and information.

Each post during the week of the festival (May 13–17th) will earn you a virtual raffle ticket for fabulous prizes! Winning teachers will be notified by email.

Invite a STEM Professional Into Your Classroom

Through the Nevada STEM Coalition’s STEM Ambassador Program, you can be connected with volunteers who use STEM skills in their careers. The program is completely flexible and interactions in the classroom are determined collaboratively, by the professional and the educator, prior to the visit. You can use this program to:

  • Add professional expertise to your lessons from their research, field experience, or career track
  • Read a book related to their careers to students
  • Collaborate with you on a classroom activity or project

To request a STEM Professional who can visit your classroom or work with your students, please complete a request form by going to: http://www.nvstem.org/ambassador-request-form/


STEM Professionals can be involved in various ways to Celebrate Science and Technology in the Schools through the Nevada STEM Coalition’s STEM Ambassador Program, including:

  • Assist an educator with your professional expertise
  • Host classroom tours at place of business
  • Participate in STEM events
  • Mentor a student in research
  • Be a guest speaker on a specific topic in a school setting
  • Collaborate with an educator on a classroom activity or project
  • Provide business internship opportunities
  • Speak about career opportunities
  • Read a book about your chosen STEM career to students

A STEM professional can participate in-person or virtually. We will assist in matching your chosen method of participation, grade-level, and time-commitment with educator needs. You can choose to participate within your district or throughout Northern Nevada. If you have a specific school you’d like to help, we can connect you with educators in that school.

We need more than 100 STEM professionals this year for participation with students at any grade level. Your commitment could be as short as 1 – 2 hours on one day or as long as multiple hours over multiple days, depending on your availability. To get involved, start by completing our STEM Ambassador Volunteer Form and Liability Waiver online today: http://www.nvstem.org/ambassador-submission/

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The Northern Nevada Science & Technology Festival is a week-long community celebration of the innovation happening in our region. The festival will inspire and connect our community with the power of science and technology through hands-on school programs as well as a series of free, family-friendly events hosted by well-known formal and informal educational organizations throughout Northern Nevada.